Security Guards

Maxim Security’s guarding staff are well trained and highly disciplined.

As our security guards often represent the first point of interaction between clients and visitors, Maxim Security pays particular attention to our security guards appearance. Our guards are trained to create an excellent first impression and to be attentive and strict, yet courteous.

Our guarding success has been attributed to our strict adherence to reporting procedures. Our centrally situated control room monitors operations 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Our security guards are instructed to report their site status to our control room at regular intervals. Should a status report not be received, a supervisor is immediately dispatched to investigate and disciplinary action taken against the relevant guard if necessary. 

Patrolling by our security guards is monitored in real time from our control room 

Maxim Security has made it compulsory for our supervisory team and / or management to visit our guarding staff on their sites daily to ensure we maintain our high standard of security guarding.